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Jax Dawson the founder off Atlantis Corporation will hold the first term of office as CEO.

To make sure that this would be possible I needed a system that would change with the people living in it. A dynamic yet stable foundation for our members to flourish on. And a structure that although it's stability would allow itself to expand at whatever rate neccesary.

It is through our members that we can accomplish our goals. And Irecognise the need for all members to be free enough to pursue whatever course of action that they wish. At the same time be able to use those wishes to expand the corporation.

It is my wish that we within ATCO will achieve out individual and communal goals. And that we will have fun doing so.


Let me start by saying that the prospect of running a corporation such as ATCO is something that I am not taking lightly.

I have been working on the foundation of ATCO for a long time now and will with great expectations turn the finishing touches over to it's members.

ATCO will have every chance to be a force in PE that effects the lives of every inhabitant on a daily basis. Not only the members. And therefore I wanted to make sure that no matter what a member wishes to be on calypso there would be a place and a need for them. All without imposing too much of a burden on them.