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When I first got accuainted with Project Entropia, There was little doubt that the game would be something completely new and different. At first I wanted to join one of the societies that already existed. But as I read the information pages, I became more and more aware that there was something missing. No Society had the sctructure that I was looking for. Many were good, some were very good, but i still felt that I wanted something else. After a while I decided to start the Atlantis Corporation.

I sat down with some friends. None of them are in to computer games but they are all very good in their respective fields. So over dinner i managed to persuade them to have a long evening of discussion regarding how this should be done.

We decided that a basic democracy was to slow in dealing with the fast changing aspect of an Online world. Decision making needed to be swift and clear. We also realised that since the society had to deal with the resources of its members. Resources that were transferrable into real world Money. We had to make sure that the system included all eventual saftey measures that MindArk could give us. And that the Members would be given full insight into the finances. On top of this some democratic type of influence was needed. So we decided on a varity of a standard Corporate structure. With shareholders meetings instead of general elections. All of these things are described closer in the different sections of this website. We also decided that the finished product would be decided by intitial members.

Atlantis Corporation will be well suited to those who think that PE is a source of entrertainment. Making money of it would be very difficult since the Owners of MindARK are clearly looking to have people put more money in than what is taken out. ATCO will try to be a source of security as well as an aid to its members to succeed on Calypso. I think that Atlantis Corporation stands a good chance in succeeding with its goals, And every chance of being a longlasting and very powerful entity in Project Entropia.

I Welcome you all to read through this website and try to decide if the Atlantis Corporation is a society that you want to be a part of. If so, send in your application for a membership. Your participation is eagerly

I look forward to seeing you on Calypso, be it as a member of ATCO, another society or simply as another player.

Thank you for your time and the best of luck to you all.

Jax Dawson
Founder and CEO of Atlantis Corporation.