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The CEO of ATCo has a unique position in that he/she is related to a term of service. The term, running over 1 year standard time. can only be interrupted by a vote of No-confidence. The CEO controls the corporate share of stocks, all stocks in corporate ownersip are void of voting power in normal situations, but allows the CEO to enforce a veto. There are no limits on how many terms a CEO can serve. The CEO Term of service will start at day one on PE gold status. After One year. +/- 7 days. A CEO election will be held. The election will be an open bellot. Ensuring that all votes can be accounted for.

The No confidence question must be cast at a normal shareholders meeting. And be voted through with the standard 50% limit. A vote of No-confidence meeting will then be held 2 weeks after that shareholders meeting. At wich time a 2/3 majority must vote for no confidence. And the CEO subsequently replaced.

He/She will act as a chairperson at boardmeetings meaning that he/she has no voting power unless there is a Deadlock. In wich case he/she holds the decisive vote. The CEO will function as a Mediator and catalyst at the meetings to keep the decision processes moving forward.

The CEO has the ultimate responsibility to keep ATCO moving forward and expand. As well as oversee all actions taken in the departments to ensure that resources are used in the most efficient manner.