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Are you trying to decide what society you want to join?

might be what you are looking for.

A Society that has been built up around the basic principle that all
its members are equally important and should have a say in the decisions made.

ATCO is a society that realises the importance of a strong structure, and the fact that nothing in Project Entropia will come easily.
But we have still decided that the insertion of real world money into
the Sociey is not neccesary.
The ATCO Business model is designed around ingame funding.

No Joining fees or fixed membership fees will be imposed on our members.

If this sounds interesting to you then browse through this website and decide if you would like to join.

Membership Applications are now accepted.


ATCO Website now online
This is a first release version It will be updated shortly.

Letter from the CEO

Project Entropia enters second stage Beta Testing

Membership Applications now accepted

First shareholders meeting annouced. Members only.