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The Security department. Under the supervision of the Head of Security is responsible for the protection of the Corporation as a whole as well as the individual members.

The RRD, Rapid Response Detatchment is composed of other Security area members for short term service. They are available to respond to players in immediate danger. And will constitute the first line of defence if an attack should occur.

Counter Espionage will ensure the safety of Corporate knowledge and research. Working closely with the Diplomatic section, flushing out spies and agents from other organisations.
They will be designated PK players. Responsible for immediate liqidation and subsequent actions taken against the infringing organisation.

Security Detatchment. The army of ATCO, well equipped, well trained individuals. responsible for protecting expeditions, Convoys and other ATCO property. Divided into regional areas as soon as possible They will be the backbone of any organised exploration or other venture outside the safe areas. Allowing other members the freedon to concentrate on the task at hand. Security personell has the command of such expeditions.