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The three areas of the financedepartment is headed up by the financial manager. He/She will be responsible for maintaining the flow of funds and to ensure that at all times the departments are kept well aware of the financial situation. So that opportunities are not missed due to misconceptions.

The Financial manager position can be divided into regional managers as the Corporation expands. Each regional manager is then responsible to set up and maintain a functioning regional Finance Department. And report Directly to the Financial manager.

Venture capital is responsible for maintaining the cashflow to approved Business and Finance ventures. As well as maintain a fluid communication with both Business venture opreatives as the Financial Manager.

Accounting personell will maintain the books in an orderly fashion and allocate funds for day to day operations. With expansion this can grow into accounts recievable and accounts payable. The Corporate Accountant is responsible for updating members on the.

Prospect analysis will in conjuction with Business Ventures decide viable Prospects and submit these to venture capital. At which point Area Managers are provided the funding to proceed.