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The Ambassador, heading up the diplomatic section is in charge of everything that regards the corprate flow of information. The Ambassador is also the Corporations main contact with MindArk staff. And will in conjuntion with the CEO ensure that as often as possible ATCO members will be the first to know about upcoming events, changes, releases and other things that affects the Corporation.

Internal Affairs will deal with ensuring that all questions and problems that members need attended to will be handled swiftly. They are also responsible for the voting processes and general information to members. They are responsible for the Conference software, servers and other things neccesary for internal communication.

The intelligence division will by definition be the most important section for maintaining a good grasp of what is happening around the corporation.
Consisting of the Head of Intelligence and a number of analysts, scouts and spies, this department has control over espionage and counterespionage activities. As well as employing outside sources for information.

External Affairs. The face of ATCO, these are the people responsible for recruitment, public relations and all other aspects that affect how ATCO is viewed by others. Maintaining the website and bulleting boards they in conjunction with the Ambassador will handle conforntations with other players or Societies.