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ATCO will hold it's first shareholders meeting.
The exact date will be annouced later but the timeframe is one standard week after the lauch of the open beta. During the shareholdersmeeting a
ny proposition from members will be voted on. There are however a few fixed points that needs to be discussed.

1. Leadership and Corporate structure.
This is the time to decide wether the foundation of the society is sound or not. Any changes should be implemented Before PE goes Gold.
The structure will of course be open for any discussion after this point. But the path should be set and our first goals clear as early as possible.

2. Taxation system.
What is fair, how much money will the corporation need. Should the tax be fixed or floating.depending on corporate needs at the moment.

3.New members,
How should members looking to join after game launch be handled.

4. Goals and strategies.
All goals and strategies listed in the members section will be up for debate and subsequent vote.

More information on this will be posted as time progresses.