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The Mission of The Atlantis Corporation is to provide its members with easy access to products, knowledge and skills needed to prosper on Calypso. To grow into an independant autonomous entity that will aid members to pursue everyday business with as little effort as possible. Also to ensure safety to the extent possible on Calypso, by owning controlled safe areas, and guarding any other areas or missions that members need to enter.

And to do this without extracting any obligational fees from it members.

To achieve this the corporation will gather knowledge and resouces, and protect those from outside interventions. To the extent that the purchasing of needed infrastructure, supplies and tecnology can be done with the Corporations own finances. This will be achieved through outside trading and member share purchases. In later stages the process will be accelerated through a stock exchange introduction.

Atlantis corporation will achieve all this through the actions of its members. The rules that govern the Corporation will never be allowed to shadow it's members. Full insight into overall strategy and current finances from all those whos existance on Calyposo in some way is dependant of and regulated by ATCO will at all times be enforced. Members, through the voting systems. Will be in overall control of the Corporation at all times. A member can petition to election at any time. And has an obligation to do so whenever he/she feel that the wellbeing of members or the Corporation as a whole has been jeopardised by the current course of action taken by the leadership.