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The full ATCO Business model is only available to members.

These are the main points.

1. Taxes will be raised through ingame work, Either directly for ATCO or by taxation on profits made.

2. ATCO will strive to achieve financial autonomy. At which point taxes are disbanded and a membership initation fee will be implemented for new applicants. This fee will be implemented and set by the shareholders ingame. And will reflect a cost in proportion to services rendered once a member.

3. By careful selection of market segments ATCO will concentrate available funds on areas with low risk and steady returns. Not until a financial buffer has been achieved will ATCO try high risk/high return markets.

5. Dividend will be paid to shareholders on the 1st of every month. All members are shareholders. If a member decides to leave. He / she can sell their shares back to the company at current value. A member will therefore never draw a financial negative from leaving the corporation.

4. ATCO Corporate income (as apart from member income) i.e returns from businesses, PESE investments and realestate owned by ATCO will be recirculated into the corporation until Phases 1, 2 and 3 of the Launch time strategy is implemented. No share dividend will be dispensed in these phases.

5. Uppon reaching a financial excess ATCO will implement several services, full insurance for all members. joint housing. MindForce upgrades etc, to its members at a reduced cost. At earlier stages this will be supplied at reduced cost. Joint negotioations for massinsurance etc. will begin as early as possible.

6. Members who wish to insert funds into the corporation can do so by either purchasing A- or B- Classed stock. No one member can at any time own a single majority of A-classed stock. Money recieved from Published Stock must be transfered into capital investment. ATCO can not use such funds for Operating costs. This is to ensure that members funds are kept as a increased value of the corporation. Due notice must be given before a member wishes to sell stock back to the company. Selling to other members is subject to a Share inspection, ensureing that no member acheives single majority.

7. Only members can own stock in the Corporation Up to and including Phase 5.
Starting with phase 6. A majority of A.classed shares will be kept inside the member ranks.

Please note. Only members can access strategy charts and the full Busines model.